Ahnentafel and Covid passport with an EU passport (image created by the author)

The Covid passport and history

Scientific and medical evidence, with the backing of the scientific community and medical profession, provided support for the claims of the Nazi and Apartheid regimes. That’s right, scientific and medical evidence.

Now we are supposedly intelligent people, we understand that this was manipulation of science controlled by the regimes to support their claims to give them credibility. We also realise that those that didn’t want to partake in this manipulation were either ridiculed publicly or eliminated.

Statistics, facts, and evidence was manipulated by the regimes and their scientist and medical professions to support their claims that Jews and blacks were inferior. In fact, using such data, these regimes proved that Jews and blacks were disease-ridden spreading death among their populations. That is, these regimes used manipulated statistics, facts, and evidence to instil artificial fear in their people, fear that had people buy into the propaganda of these regimes and unwittingly support them and the horrors they ultimately lead to.

Today is no different: Covid is the new Jew, the new black, a disease that is supported by statistics, facts, and evidence all of which have been manipulated and is supported by scientists and the medical profession. Those that don’t support it are ridiculed in media to have their credibility ruined. Some lose their jobs, their livelihoods. It’s a risk many simply cannot afford, so many remain silent.

However, as with the Nazi and Apartheid regimes, those that remained silent then were indirectly giving these regimes their full support. The same is true today. Those that refuse to do their own thinking but buy into the propaganda or those that see what is going on but are afraid to speak up, those people are all indirectly supporting this newfound Nazi/Apartheid regime that is upon us.

After the fall of the Nazi regime, some people woke up to what had happened. Some committed suicide in their shame and guilt. I know I don’t want to be that person. Instead I speak up. I don’t care about the shaming people try to subject me to, I just know I could never live with myself knowingly having stayed uniformed and silent in times of horror.

Oh, and about giving the regime support. The proliferation and support of the so-called Covid passport, a document that is supposedly proof of one to be free of Covid, is no different to people having obtained the Nazi regime’s certification that proved a person free of being Jewish, i.e., a, at the time, statistically-, fact-, and evidence-proven disease that later became the regime’s excuse for those that were infected with it, to seal their fate and lead them to their deaths.

All that these documents do is providing buy-in for the regime’s propaganda, Nazism, or Covidism, and empowers these regime’s agendas. It helps keep the illusion alive, it elevates those that have the paperwork to god-like status making those that have it feel superior over those that don’t. It helps support the abuse of manipulated statistics, facts, and evidence that have given these people newfound status and importance in society. Many have never felt such power before, and this have them defend it. Yet, them defending it just worsens the situation for all. However, as during the Nazi and Apartheid regimes, many of these people will not realise what they are and were supporting until it was and is too late, way too late.

Remember that, as with Covid, scientific evidence with the backing of the scientific community and doctors supported the claims of the Nazi and Apartheid regimes. Are we simply going to let history repeat, or do we actually care to create a future, not just for ourselves, but for generations after us to be proud of?