Leaflet comparing Covid to Fascism (source CorkBeo)

People are shocked that the Nazis could do what they did. What people fail to realise is that no one rises to power without the support of the masses elevating them there even if that support is fear-induced.

When it came to the Nazis, they used the fear of the people's livelihoods being at stake. That's what they founded their beliefs on. Then they focused in on a particular people and collected statistics and data to make their points against them. Never mind that, when one focuses in on something, and look at it in isolation, one can easily create a view to justify anything.

Back then the Nazis chose humans as their enemy. That limited their global reach. Not only are human targets limited, but human targets resist and other people sympathise and join in the resistance.

Instead of humans, what the Nazis needed to allow global reign would have been an invisible enemy within, not a human one, something like a virus, something that cannot be seen, something everyday, then statistically manipulate it to appear extreme. Not only would such an enemy be frightening, but it would allow controlling people without weapons. Fear alone would have the people do the unimaginable.

Lo and behold, we are now witnessing the rise of Nazism, once again. This time, however, the masses have been outsmarted globally by employing lessons learned from the past. Instead of a human enemy, the enemy now is an invisible enemy within, and, as suspected, people are swallowing the bitter pill without question.

Sure, the new regime isn't under the guise of Nazism, Communism, or any political affiliation or religion. No, this time the force is kept nameless. Don't name yourself, don't draw attention to yourself, but instead name the distraction and call it an enemy, a global enemy, not an enemy of the state. Have all and sundry focus on and be distracted by this enemy. Induce fear in the masses using exaggerated statistics. Use that fear to then justify new laws and measures to rule the masses with an iron fist disguised as their protection. Global reign is then imminent.

The Nazis would have been proud.