• Glenna Gill

    Glenna Gill

    My memoir, “When I Was Lost,” is available now. Stay in touch with me at www.glennagill.com

  • Mukta Gadgil

    Mukta Gadgil

  • Sohan Thakur

    Sohan Thakur

    Trying to make the world a better place by making myself better.

  • Dr. Liza Varvogli

    Dr. Liza Varvogli

    Ph.D. in Psychology| Harvard-trained| Psychotherapist| Stress Management Professor|Parenting & Relationships Expert|Meditator|Positive thinker|Solution-oriented



  • Darius Foroux

    Darius Foroux

    Creator of the Stoic Letter (new letter comes out every Friday, exclusively on Medium) | Author of 7 books and 6 courses at dariusforoux.com

  • Riley Marks

    Riley Marks

    Youngster to most, and fewer each day

  • Mark Alan Effinger

    Mark Alan Effinger

    Entrepreneur. Biohacker. Athlete. Designer. Dad. Occasional Smarty Pants. WebNutrients.com

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